CFAES Wooster Research Support

CFAES Agricultural Operations

Research, teaching, and learning at the campus are supported by more than 4,200 acres of Wooster Agricultural Facilties including field research stations, livestock facilities, land resources, greenhouses, a golf course, and an arboretum.

CFAES Wooster Weather Station

Get current and past weather Wooster weather info from the CFAES Wooster Weather Station

Molecular and Cellular Imaging Center (MCIC)

The MCIC is a shared technology laboratory located on the CFAES Wooster campus. We house equipment and provide services in microscopy (light, confocal, transmission and scanning electron microscopy), in the area of genomics (low and high throughput sequencing and  genotyping) and bioinformatics.

Office for Research and Graduate Education

The CFAES Office for Research and Graduate Education's mission is to facilitate research and graduate education in our college and to help faculty, staff and students strive to seek solutions to the economic, social and environmental problems of our time.

Plant and Animal Agrosecurity Research Facility (PAAR)

The PAAR facility is a highly secure biocontainment building. It is required by federal law for conducting research with organisms that cause diseases in animals classified at biosafety level 3 (BSL-3 and/or BSL-3 Ag). It is also needed for working with plant diseases that could cause undue economic hardship on agriculture if released into the environment.

Service Testing and Research (STAR) Lab

The STAR Lab is a research oriented analytical laboratory located on the CFAES Wooster campus. The STAR Lab’s purpose is to provide inorganic chemical analysis needed by researchers at The Ohio State University.

Statewide Research Stations
Wooster Campus Research Library

The Wooster Campus Research Library is available to assist you with research and writing help.