CFAES Wooster Diversity

The CFAES Wooster Diversity Team consists of members from the entire CFAES Wooster Campus.  The MISSION of the team is to “create a climate of inclusion and inspire an appreciation for diversity.”  In addition, the team strives to develop professional development & diversity opportunities for faculty, staff, and students while serving as ambassadors of diversity and inclusion.  The Team meets quarterly to discuss concerns, ideas, fiscal matter, programming, and opportunities.  The largest event the Diversity Team supports is the Celebration of Nations held annually.

Diversity is differences among people including age, class, ethnicity, gender, ability, race, sexual orientation, spiritual practices, size and many other human differences.

DIVERSITY:   CFAES values a welcoming and inclusive environment.

UNITY:  CFAES faculty, staff, and students are committed to each other.

COMMUNITY: CFAES offers a sense of belonging for all.

Team Members

Caitlin Blake Aradhya Gourapura
Imed Dami Penny Nemitz
Bryan Dodrill Jason Owens
D. Elder Bryan Penning
Dawnielle Essig Ashley Van Hesteren

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please contact committee chair  Jason Owens