Lunch & Learn - Next-Generation Sequencing with NDNBSEQ-G400

You are invited to a lunch and learn presentation on “What would you do with 400GB of NGS data in 24 Hours?” at Wooster Science Building (WSC300) on Nov 29th from 12 PM-1 PM.  

The MCIC has recently received an equipment grant to purchase a new medium-throughput short-read sequencing machine, and we are considering a Complete Genomics DNBSEQ-G400 (the topic of this talk) as an alternative to an Illumina NextSeq1000. Anyone interested in using our sequencing services is encouraged to attend and provide feedback to help us make this choice.  

For those who wish to participate in person, please RSVP here: (A free lunch will be provided at WSB300)   

For online:  

Below is the abstract from the speaker, Jim George.  

As Next Generation Sequencing continues to advance, it's crucial to ensure that your benchtop sequencer keeps pace with innovation.  Discover the power of Complete Genomic's DNBSEQ-G400, the ultimate workhorse sequencer designed for every experiment. Harnessing the cutting-edge technology of rolling circle replication to create DNA nanoballs, the G400 eliminates clonal amplification errors and index hopping, ensuring a remarkable accuracy rate of over 99%.  Its versatility is unparalleled, featuring the ability to run two flowcells in a single run with the flexibility of two different flowcell formats and seven sequencing length options.

From the study of small RNA molecules to the complexities of spatial transcriptomics the G400 represents the future of sequencing.   Don't miss this opportunity to join us for an enlightening lunch and learn seminar where you can explore how the G400 can significantly elevate your research.