Past and Future Campus Events

Max MillerRep. Max Miller Visits the CFAES Wooster Campus 

On Thursday, March 16th, Congressman Max Miller (OH-7) and his staff visited The Ohio University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences’ (CFAES) Wooster Campus. While there, he toured the Wooster Science Building, the Molecular Cellular Imaging Center, Agricultural Engineering Building and USDA-ARS Unit, and the Krauss Dairy Center. The Congressman also convened his Agricultural Advisory Committee of agricultural leaders and stakeholders, which included former Congressman Bob Gibbs, Ohio Director of Agriculture Brian Baldridge, and Associate Dean and Director Michel for a roundtable discussion on priorities for the upcoming reauthorization of the Farm Bill and other issues that should be undertaken as a part of his position on the House Agriculture Committee. 

drainageOverholt Drainage School 

On March 13-17, we hosted the Overholt Drainage School in the Wooster Science Building. This program honors Professor Virgil Overholt and his impact on agricultural drainage research in Ohio and beyond.  This lifespan learning opportunity attracted 50 plus drainage contractors, soil and water district technicians, and land owners from across Ohio, neighboring states and two Canadian providences. Course content featured a mix of classroom, computer lab as well as hands on activities including trench safety at WCFRA and topography mapping with Kubota RTV's equipped with Trimble technology. CFAES Wooster staff Sam Bauder and Sam Gerber completed week long course in an effort to further enhance our technical capabilities to support water quality education, outreach and research programming. 

ATI Student Recognition Banquet 

ATI hosted its 24th Student Recognition Banquet and recognized 17 outstanding students. Lillian Rose Wagner received the Director’s Award, the top student award at ATI. You can learn more about these students by watching their recognition videos here.

May 4th: CFAES Wooster Campus Town Hall 

On April 11th, Applewood apartments at ATI received a false report of a violent act.  The report was immediately investigated by police and determined to be unfounded. Many thanks to our housing staff and OSU Police for their quick thinking and actions.  We will have a town hall on May 4th to answer any questions our CFAES Wooster Campus community may have regarding this incident.  The meeting will be from 1-2 in the Wooster Science Building room 175 and on zoom. 

ATI Commencement, Celebrating 50 years! 

Commencement at ATI is always a special event and even more so this year as we kick off our 50th-year celebration. For the past 50 years, ATI has maintained its focus on experiential learning. ATI was borne from Dr. Jerry Halterman’s dissertation: Determination of the educational needs of agricultural engineering technicians in Ohio. What he found in his research was there was a tremendous need and industry demand for ag technicians who have actual hands-on educational opportunities. He took that and from it developed the blueprint for ATI. 

In addition to the unique hands-on learning opportunities for students, ATI/CFAES is the only entity in the university that grants associate degrees in science.  

As events for the celebration are scheduled, we will keep you posted. Commencement will be May 6.