The CFAES Graduate Student Advisory Committee



Author: Olivia Lang 

The Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GSAC) exists to represent the interests of graduate students in the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, foster an environment of collaboration and collegiality amongst students of the various departments in the College, and serve as the graduate student voice/liaison to Dean Kess. The committee is made up of a representative from each department on each campus, however, anyone is welcome to attend their monthly meetings to voice concerns. Some interests that GSAC has focused on this year include transportation and childcare. They have been working closely with Dean Kress to find solutions to these problems that affect not only graduate students, but the whole campus community. To foster an environment of collaboration amongst students, GSAC has hosted several graduate student appreciation events, where students were able to take a break from their studies to enjoy a snack and have conversations with their fellow students. GSAC also hosts study tables on both campuses for students to come study, collaborate, and work in each other’s company. The current executive board is Chair Olivia Lang, Wooster Vice Chair Erick Martinez-Rodriguez, Columbus Vice Chair Schelby Beach, Records Administrator/Treasurer Akanksha Bhan, Wooster Social Chair Camila Carvalho-Perdoncini, and Columbus Social Chair Anmol Gill.  More information on GSAC can be found at