April Directors' Message

We have a lot to celebrate as we finish the Spring 2024 semester! This issue highlights several upcoming events and activities on our campus.  The CFAES Awards and State of the College will be held on April 5th at the Secrest Welcome Center. We hope you can attend and acknowledge our awardees as well as the success of CFAES in the past year. We will also be holding our Celebration of Research (week of April 8th) as well as the Celebration of Students, including the Carnival on April 15th   and the Outstanding ATI Student Banquet on April 17th.  There are many opportunities to celebrate our time together as a campus community. On April 3rd, Wooster Staff Council will be starting the Wooster Weekly Wellness Walks (the 4 Dubs) to promote physical and mental health.  Come support awareness for suicide prevention at our Walk out of Darkness event on April 5th. We have a few events where we will celebrate with our surrounding community, such as the Women in Ag (April 5th and 6th), the Solar Eclipse (April 8th), the Scarlet, Gray and Green Fair and the Secrest Arboretum Crabapple Walk (both on April 20).  All of these activities and events illustrate the impact of our work and the vibrancy of our campus and college. Let’s all continue this momentum in May as we recognize our graduating undergraduate and graduate students and the start of summer!  

- Dr. Michel and Dr. Boone

Dr. Andy MichelDr. Kris Boone