Student Spotlight: Noah Hart

Noah HartMajor: Horticulture Science 

Family: My father is the Battalion Chief of Fire in Columbus, my mother is a Branch chief at the Ohio national Guard. I have an older sister that I love very much, although, she takes pride in getting on my nerves sometimes. 

Hometown: Pickerington/Columbus, Ohio 

Why did you choose CFAES Wooster? I attended a career center during my junior year of high school, it was there that my lab instructor informed me of ATI. 

What would you like to learn? I would like to learn how to crochet. I hear it's easy but I'm not sure if I can completely believe that. 

Favorite Place to vacation: Lindeys in German Village, Columbus, OH or Chicago Fire in California 

Superpower you wish you had: To fill up my gas tank without having to go to the gas station 

Who is your hero? My sister because who else would I base my personality from?