Student Life


The goal of Student Life on the CFAES Wooster Campus is to support students through the “Ten Dimensions of Wellness” primarily outside of the academic classroom. They provide unlimited opportunities to make friends, find hobbies, and create lifelong memories throughout each student’s academic career as a Buckeye. While primarily focusing on undergrad, and now also graduate student experiences, they also look for ways to connect with Faculty and Staff to continue to help facilitate and bridge the gap beyond the classroom. All of the Student Life activities are open to any undergrad or graduate student.  

The Office of Student Life has been busy with many events surrounding the CFAES Principles and 10 Dimensions of Wellness.  

  • CFAES Wooster will be hosting an ice-skating night with the other regional campuses on February 14 to spread the love. This event will allow students to connect with different majors and new faces. Contact Kelly Kyser.53 with any questions.  

  • Student Life will be providing transportation to Columbus on February 16 for Taste of OSU. The Office of International Affairs will host Taste of OSU, an evening of cultural performances on stage, exhibits and food from around the world provided by more than 40 different international clubs on campus. Taste of OSU has two primary purposes: 1) To allow the campus community to experience other cultures through the tasting of ethnic foods from around the world. 2) To provide students from different backgrounds a space to share and celebrate their culture and traditions through food, educational displays, and performances. Student Life will provide each student with 5 tickets, for 5 country experiences.  

  • On February 28th, Celebration of Nations will be held at the Secrest Welcome Center on the CFAES Wooster Campus. Event participants will travel across campus while meeting many of CFAES Wooster’s students/ staff/ faculty at tables covered with items from their native lands, seeing/hearing native performances, and enjoying food from dozens of countries.  

  • The Office of Student Life is excited to announce that the new student life space is almost complete! The floral lab in Halterman Hall has been repurposed to house student life activities. The new space features a gathering area for students and will display the CFAES Principles of Community and 10 Dimensions of Wellness. If interested in using the new student life space, contact Kelly Kyser.53, Wooster CFAES Director of Student Life.  

  • Throughout the month, the Office of Student Life will be hosting Buckeye Love Week/Month events to incorporate love for all buckeyes. From making snow globes to sharing baked goods with friends, there is an activity that suits everyone! Stay tuned for a formal announcement of events via email.