Staff Spotlight: Katie LeMasters

LeMastersName: Katie LeMasters 

Title & Department: Program Coordinator – Academic Affairs 

Describe your work: I create the master schedule of classes for all ATI undergraduate majors and specializations on the Wooster campus.  I manage curricular changes, undergraduate transfer credit, classroom scheduling, and the ATI student emergency fund.  I also help coordinate orientation and graduation for our campus.  

How long have you been with OSU: 5 years 

Family: I met my husband Sean 20 years ago at move in day on the OSU Mansfield campus.  We started dating that week and have been married 17 years. 

Pets: One 10-year-old goldendoodle named Cooper Von Schmooperton 

Hometown: Youngstown, Ohio      

Three words that describe you: Loud, Compassionate, Artsy-Fartsy  

What is your favorite spot on the Wooster Campus: The Halterman library  

What is something you would like to learn: Car mechanics 

What is your favorite restaurant or food: Homemade lasagna       

What is a talent or superpower you wish you had: Teleportation   

Where is your favorite place to vacation: Canada  

Who is your hero: My mom 

Something no one knows: I designed one of the art tiles installed in the Downtown Wooster square 

downtown tile