Staff Spotlight: Scott Wolfe

Scott Wolfe family

Name: Scott Wolfe 

Title & Department: Researcher 2, Building and Lab Safety Coordinator, Department of Entomology 

Describe your work: Maintain equipment and safety within the Department of Entomology. 

How long have you been with OSU: 14 years       

Family: Wife Danae and sons Milo (8) and Leo (6) 

Pets: Sesi (dog); Jupiter, Ursa, Pluto, Luna, and Callie (cats); Nox and Little Bear (regal jumping spiders) 

Hometown: Barberton, Ohio 

What is your favorite spot on the Wooster Campus: The turtle statues 

What is something you would like to learn: Get my private pilot license 

What is your favorite restaurant or food: Sushi   

What is a talent or superpower you wish you had: Breathing underwater 

Where is your favorite place to vacation: Anywhere with water and wildlife 

Who is your hero: Danae – she is the most driven and passionate person I know.