Staff Spotlight: Shane Berner

berner familyName: Shane Berner   

Title & Department: Assistant Manager, Wooster Campus Grounds  

Describe your work: Every day brings a challenge and thus, an opportunity for a solution. 

How long have you been with OSU:  5 years 

Family: Wonderful wife of 13 years and four children: Annaleigh (8), Sawyer (6), Amelia (3), Lorelei (3) 

Hometown: Beavercreek, Ohio 

Three words that describe you: The Energizer Bunny 

What is your favorite spot on the Wooster Campus: Secrest Arboretum 

What is something you would like to learn: how to play the guitar 

What is a talent or superpower you wish you had: Teleport    

Where is your favorite place to vacation: Great Smoky Mountains      

Who is your hero: My Grandparents and Parents 

Something no one knows: I enjoy woodworking and also have a small Christmas tree farm 

berner family