Campus Facilities Update

Wooster Campus Heat Plant - New Boiler Update 

Author: Daniel “Joe” Messenger, Director of Facilities Operations, Fleet Services 

The CFAES Wooster Campus has three boilers installed in 1965, 1986 and 2008. Our 2nd oldest and largest boiler developed major issues and needed to be replaced at a cost of $9 million dollars. Due to the type of building construction at the Heat Plant, a fully erected boiler could not be brought in and required the new boiler to be assembled onsite. Our new boiler can produce 30,000 pounds of steam per hour is currently in full operation with a testing phase to ensure all components are functioning properly as well as fine-tuning of the new boiler control system. This new boiler is combined with high-efficiency auxiliary equipment to reduce electrical and natural gas usage. 

All three boilers have been retrofitted with new controls. This will ensure reliability and operating consistency. The boiler project will be complete in the spring 2023. The project is a good reminder of the investment that CFAES continues to provide for the Wooster Campus. We are currently developing plans to replace our oldest boiler (1965) and increase energy efficiency among all three boilers on the Wooster Campus.

boiler boiler 5
Wooster Campus Identification Project 

Author: Brian Hanna 

We are excited about the upcoming completion of the Wooster Campus Identification Project.  The project includes a new Campus Identification Sign at Madison Avenue near Fisher Auditorium and a Campus Gateway Sign at the corner of Madison and Secrest.  Concrete foundations and sign fabrication are underway.  We currently anticipate completion of the Campus Gateway Sign in May 2023 pending weather conditions, and completion of the Campus Identification Sign in July 2023. 

Campus Identification Sign:  This sign will be located near the heart of campus.  The design of the new campus identification sign intentionally takes cues from CFAES’s unique campus architecture.  The glazing, lighting, and aluminum materials emulate features of greenhouses and newer buildings that house campus programs.  The material spacing toward the eastern half of the sign are a nod to louver spacing frequently observed on corn cribs and older barn structures.  It will establish architectural connections to the campus gateway sign by using the same stone block materials at the base of the structure.  Logo spacing and rough geometry is based on OSU signage and branding standards connecting the sign to the overall campus, college, and university.   

Campus Gateway Sign:  The new gateway sign will be highly visible as you approach the campus from the north.  This sign will greet campus residents and visitors as they drive up Madison Hill to the campus.  We will construct this sign at ground level in front of the historic Thorne House. 

Background and History:  CFAES initiated this project in 2016 and funded it in 2018 to replace the previous campus sign at Madison Avenue digital display sign with outdated controls that were beyond repair.  Thoughtful strategy for long-term campus identification involved a deep dive into campus aesthetics and architecture, reflections on master planning and future development, and long-term recommendations for future building signage and wayfinding that can be reevaluated and expanded in the future when funds are more readily available.  The timeline for this project reflects the intentional coordination with the 2021 CFAES Facility Master Plan, the timeline required to establish branding approval, and challenges experienced related to the recent pandemic and supply chain issues. 

rendering gateway sign