Staff Spotlight: Cindy Shelly

cindyName: Cindy Shelly 

Title & Department: Financial Operations Specialist – ATI Business Office 

Describe your work: I work with our student population and their supporters processing their tuition payments and answering questions regarding their account. I also review Workday requests, process journal entries, I am the asset coordinator and support our Business Office. 

How long have you been with OSU: 14-1/2 years 

Family: I have a daughter Mindy, her husband Chad and three grandsons, Beau, Caleb, and Wyatt 

Hometown: Good ole Wooster 

Three words that describe you: Friendly, Loud, Helpful 

What is your favorite spot on the Wooster Campus: The ATI Library 

What is something you would like to learn: Photography 

What is your favorite restaurant or food: Coccia House Pizza  

What is a talent or superpower you wish you had: I wish I could draw and paint. 

Where is your favorite place to vacation: A beach. It doesn’t have to be a specific area. I just like to sit and listen to the water and read. 

Something no one knows: I like all forms of motor racing.