Staff Spotlight: Rosita Martinez 

inoculationName: Rosita Martinez 

Title & Department: Admin Assistant - Plant Pathology 

Describe your work: I am at the front desk of Selby Hall, I support anyone that needs assistant with traveling arrangements, PCards, events’ coordination, and general office duties.  

How long have you been with OSU: 1 year  

Family: I have a daughter named Paulina, she is a junior at OSU  

Hometown: Tamaulipas, Mexico 

What is something you would like to learn: French (in progress..) and Italian  

What is your favorite restaurant or food: I love pasta! 

What is a talent or superpower you wish you had: Make people realize how wonderful they are! 

Where is your favorite place to vacation: Cancun 

Who is your hero: My Abuelita (granny) 

Rosita and her daughter, Paula 

Rosita and her daughter, Paula