Student Life

The goal of Student Life on the CFAES Wooster Campus is to support students through the “Ten Dimensions of Wellness” primarily outside of the academic classroom. We feel that if we can make students feel connected to each other, faculty/staff, and the campus outside of the classroom, it will ultimately translate to their continued success academically within the classroom. We provide unlimited opportunities to make friends, find hobbies, and create lifelong memories throughout each student’s academic career as a Buckeye. While we primarily focus on undergrad, and now also graduate student experiences, we also look for ways to connect with Faculty and Staff to continue to help facilitate and bridge the gap beyond the classroom. All of our Student Life activities are open to any undergrad or graduate student. We always appreciate seeing or having Faulty/Staff support at our events and we would also like to share that depending on the activity, Faculty and Staff are also able to participate in Student Life events too (i.e. Recreational events and Intramural teams). 

For the Academic Year 2023-2024, we have already successfully completed and hosted numerous events on campus:  

  • Traditionally, “Welcome Week” has only been a few days, but we expanded that this year to become a full week of events for all undergrad, graduate, and Faculty/Staff to participate in. Some of those events included meeting our Directors at “Donuts and Directors”,  hosting “Speed Friending” where participants walked away with 20 new connections in under an hour, having our first campus concert by hosting “The Wonderlands” where they announced their U.S.A tour to the crowd, Improv Comedy that was a full night of laughs, Buckeye Kick off in “The Shoe”, the start of an ongoing Campus Blood Drive that directly connects us to OSU Wexner Medical Center-Buckeyes helping Buckeyes all year long, loads of giveaways, “Stadium Snacks & Selfies Photo Booth”, and more!  
  • Another enhancement from years past is that we have planned four full seasons of Intramural Sports (Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball). Our first Intramural Soccer season just completed with the champions being the “Rhinos” team. The “Rhinos” is a team full of just graduate students and while they played hard every week, our undergraduate student teams certainly gave them a run at the title. The victory was decided through a penalty kick in the last few moments of the Championship Game! We have a feeling that next years Soccer season will be just as intense and full of the same healthy competition and friendship we saw this year. 
  • We’ve continued to host various events throughout the first two months of classes including two full weeks of Homecoming events (historically Homecoming events have only been one week). Some of those events included painting windows across campus to highlight unity (i.e. student handprints done in several paintings across campus), our Homecoming Court, and Buckeye pride. Other Homecoming events included giveaways, “Cupcakes with the HOCO Court”, Oma Gourd Handcrafted Taco Food Truck, and the annual Homecoming Dance with the theme of “Fall n’ Flannel” that had an amazing DJ from Spark Entertainment and LED light sticks for each student.  
  • We have grown our social media following by over 73% percent since this summer which keeps our students and their family support systems connected to each other by highlighting all of the activities and events on campus. We believe that this connection to families and their support systems led to our largest ever attended “Family Day” with nearly 700 people coming to campus to explore their students lives away from home through a multitude of events and activities including a Putting Contest, Fall Mum & Succulent sale, Labs/Facilities open for exploration, Wagon tours, Balloon Artistry/Glitter Tattoos, and a GIANT family picnic on the soccer pitch for everyone. 
  • Across the Academic year, we have so much more planned including Bowling Mondays, Line dancing, Turkey bowling, Roller skating, Sno-tubing, Buckey Love Week, Celebration of Nations, Mobile Planetarium, Eclipse event, CFAES Celebration of Student events, Annual Carnival, Cedar Point Day, and other partnering events with our Student Organization and Clubs! 
  • Student Life has also begun visiting other regional campuses to evaluate their spaces and programing as well as building strong connections with Columbus staff to ensure as well as advocate that our CFAES Wooster Buckeyes have that same extraordinary experience no matter what campus they are attending. We are also working on creating a new Student Life space on campus which will include a Resource Room and Kitchenette. Our students can come and use or borrow items for their Student Organization, create and eat meals together, host guest speakers, or simply hang out and foster those lifelong friendships.  

Student Life prides itself on making sure that our students (and Faculty/Staff) have an Extraordinary Experience on the CFAES Wooster Campus and that there is always something to do or someone to be with while they create those Scarlet and GREAT memories. 


Kelly Kyser  

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