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The mechanics are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of over 200 vehicles at the Wooster, Columbus, and Outlying Branches. They maintain a fleet of vehicles for use by OARDC employees for business travel. Motor pool vehicles travel more than 1.6 million miles a year.

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m. (excluding holidays)

OARDC Fleet Rental Vehicle Use

Rental rates vary depnding on the type of vehicle rented. Please see the Vehicle Rate Sheet. 

Authorized Drivers:

Prior to operating vehicles from the OARDC Fleet, drivers must be registered according to The Ohio State University and OARDC policies and procedures. It is the responsibility of each department to ensure that their drivers meet the qualifications and are properly registered by faxing the completed and signed form to Columbus Transportation Office at 614-688-4064.

Please review the following policy: Eligibility to Drive OARDC Vehicles.

Vehicle reporting requirements

To enable the University to meet State of Ohio Vehicle Usage Policies implemented in 2007, the OARDC Motor Pool is establishing the following user requirements.

1. End of the month vehicle mileage figures must be reported to the OARDC Motor Pool by the third business day of the following month.
The mileage figures can be sent to: 
OARDC - OSU, Motorpool Office
1680 Madison Ave., Wooster, Ohio 44691
or emailed to: battig.6@osu.edu.

2. All vehicles in the OARDC fleet must be safety inspected each year. Documentation supporting this inspection must be maintained in a local vehicle maintenance folder, the OARDC Motorpool Office file and recorded in the mechanized vehicle maintenance record maintained by the OARDC Motorpool staff.   

3. Copies of maintenance work orders and/or invoices relating to vehicle repairs must be maintained in a local vehicle maintenance folder and the OARDC Motorpool Office file. Additionally, all maintenance done on the vehicle must be recorded in the mechanized vehicle maintenance record maintained by the OARDC Motorpool staff. 

4. Per University requirements, mileage logs must be kept in the vehicle to record when and how the vehicle is being used. Completed copies of the mileage logs should be maintained in the vehicle or a local file within the department. Maintaining these logs fulfills a University audit requirement. 

5. Fueling of University vehicles at in-house facilities i.e., OARDC Motorpool, Transportation & Parking Facility in Columbus is a University requirement. Documented cost savings per gallon of fuel: 20 cents per gallon.

For vehicles assigned to departments, departments are obligated to make all drivers aware of these guidelines and should ensure that they are followed. 

Odometer Reporting


Lori Battig
Fleet Manager
Email: battig.6@osu.edu
Phone: 330-263-3918