Campus Policies & Procedures

Access to Campus Facilities:

Access to university facilities by keys is governed by the university access policy. The goal of this policy is to provide access to authorized individuals; to facilitate timely access in case of emergency; to enhance personal safety for all staff and faculty on campus; and secure the moveable assets of the university. It is the university’s intent to continue to evaluate new technologies and to implement those that are more efficient, user-friendly and cost effective than the current access system.

Code Enforcement:

The Facilities Services / Renovations Planning department adheres to the appropriate building codes of the State of Ohio as well as other local building codes in all of its work. Direct inquires about code requirements to Building Maintenance & Construction Management or Renovations Planning Staff.


Dumping by individuals or organizations, of waste not generated as a result of official university activities conducted on university property is prohibited. Illegal dumping will be considered theft of service by the university and appropriate action or prosecution may be taken.

Electrical Service:

If you have a problem with an electrical outlet or switch, please contact the Work Control Center at extension 3915. Because of safety and code requirements, we ask that you do not attempt to make any repair on your own.

Electrical Capacity:

Common sense should be used when making power capacity assumptions. Departments are advised that when planning to purchase a new piece of equipment or add more equipment, the energy requirements for the device should be considered. If you have any questions about whether your area has sufficient current to support additional devices, please contact the Work Control Center at extension 3915.


The building elevators are maintained and inspected by an outside contactor under the direction of Facilities Services.
If you experience a problem with an elevator, please contact the Work Control Center at extension 3915.

Energy Conservation:

The Facilities Services department operates an automated energy conservation system which operates the major heating and cooling systems on campus. The programming of this system is based on such factors as occupancy time, special environmental requirements, and interior space requirements.


The heating season extends from October 15 through April 15, although the actual temperatures will determine the beginning and the end of the season. Heat is provided to maintain interior temperatures between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.


The cooling season usually extends from May 15 through October 1, although the actual outside air temperature and humidity determine when air conditioning is available. The majority of buildings on campus are centrally air conditioned. Those which are have an average temperature of 70 degrees and 85 percent humidity. In the remaining buildings, window units are permitted where there is sufficient electrical service. Contact the Work Control Center at extension 3915 for more information on window units.

Keys and Locks:

The Facilities Services department maintains control of all keys and locks. Each key is coded with a unique number indicating which space it will open. Duplication of keys by an outside locksmith is strictly prohibited. A key will only be issued with a valid key request form first approved by the department head or academic chair. Approved requests should be submitted to the Work Control Center. Once the request has been processed, the department will be notified. The person to whom the keys are issued must pick up their keys and sign for them at the Work Control Center in the Physical Plant Building.

Locked out of your office or building: Contact the campus police by dialing 330-287-0111 or extension 0111.

Light Bulbs and Tubes:

Contact the Work Control Center at extension 3915 or via the FDS LINK for light bulb or tube replacements.


Exterior and other interior painting is scheduled on a “cyclical” or “as required” based on actual need. Every effort is made to program painting frequently enough to avoid deterioration of facilities. If your area needs painting contact the Work Control Center at extension 3915.


Parking is the responsibility of the Public Safety office. Contact the campus police by dialing 9-330-287-0111 or extension 0111.

Roads and Parking Lots:

Roads and parking lots are maintained by the Facilities Service department. If you have concerns or comments about roads or parking lots, please contact the Work Control Center at extension 3915.

For SNOW REMOVAL on Roads/Streets/Parking Lots contact OARDC Farm Shop x3764

For SNOW REMOVAL on Sidewalks/Exterior Steps contact OARDC Grounds Department x3612

Refuse Collection:

The Facilities Service department is responsible for the pickup and disposal of normal refuse on campus and from all campus dumpsters. Large dumpsters are placed behind most building on campus for the convenience of staff and faculty. Additionally, larger items needing to be disposed of can be placed in the dumpster located at the dump site on Secrest Road. Contact the Environmental Health & Safety Office at extension 3663 for the disposal of hazardous material.


Renovations to all buildings are managed by the Renovations Planning group. Contact this group at extension 3638.

Roof Access Policy:

No one is allowed on, or allowed to place any object or equipment on the roof of any campus building without the prior
approval of the Facilities Service department.


All unsafe conditions or damaged safety system such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and alarm systems should be reported to the Work Control Center at extension 3915.


Campus signage is the responsibility of the Facilities Service department. If you wish a sign made or to report a sign that needs repaired, please contact the Work Control Center at extension 3915.

Space Heaters:

When normal building heat is interrupted temporary space heaters are provided by the Facilities Services department. Please contact the Work Control Center at extension 3915 if you have a heating problem.


No equipment or materials of any sort may be stored in stairways or public corridors or place so as to block fire exits, nor may it be stored in mechanical rooms, electrical rooms or attics. These conditions constitute fire code violations. Equipment stored in these areas may be disposed of without notification.

Telephone Service:

Telephone service is provided through the university Telecommunications office located on the first floor of the Research Services building. Please contact OARDC Information Technology Office at 330-202-3515 or submit an IT work request.


Steam, water, electricity, natural gas, storm and sanitary sewers are utility services necessary for the operation of the OARDC. The Facilities Services department is responsible for providing and distributing these utilities to the campus community.

University Policies and how they are established are found at The only way to ensure you’re working with the current policy is to go to the website and refresh your cache, rather than saving the document or a website as a favorite.