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  1. Key Mastitis Control Points for Best Milk Quality

    comfort ( Keep bedding area dry and clean. Review frequently your ...

  2. Carpenter Ants

    including an evenly rounded, arched thorax, when viewed from the side; one node between the thorax and ... characteristics of a carpenter ant: an evenly rounded, arched thorax; one node between the thorax and abdomen; and ... These ants have a single node, but the thorax has a distinct indentation. Be sure that you do not ...

  3. Managing Colostrum and Waste Milk on Farms with Johne's Disease

    lymph nodes, milk, and serum taken at slaughter from 86 cows not showing clinical signs of Johne's ... disease. The samples were tested by culture (feces, lymph nodes, and milk) and complement fixation, ELISA, ... shedders of MAP were more likely to have culture positive milk and lymph nodes than intermediate or light ...