Facilities Services

Wooster Campus Facilities Services

Hours of Operation

330-263-3915 (8:00am-5:00pm, M-F)
330-263-3921 (after hours/weekends/holidays)

General inquiries, please email: OARDC_FS@lists.service.ohio-state.edu

SUBMIT A WORK REQUEST FOR WOOSTER CAMPUS FACILITIES AND BUILDINGS (This includes all CFAES Wooster Campus Facilities, Buildings and Grounds.) This is for Work Requests using a computer - laptop. You can also submit a Work Request using a Mobile App, see below.

Here is a "Quick Guide" on submitting and viewing Work Order Requests.

Here is a "How to Video" on submitting a Work Order Request.

Here is a "Quick Guide" on submitted and viewing Work Order Requests from a Mobile App.

Here is a "How to Video" on Logging into the Mobile App. When logging into the Mobile App, you will be asked to enter a Client I.D. Our Client I.D. is "ATIOSU."

Shipment Form

Campus Policies and Procedures

Recycling Information
--Location of Recycling Bins on the CFAES Wooster Campus
--Definitions of items that can and can not be recycled
--"A Household Guide to Recycling & Proper Waste Disposal"

CFAES Wooster Campus Facilities Services Organizational Chart (April 2019)

Billable / Non-Billable Services Guide (Updated soon.)

OARDC Stores Catalog

Management Team

Daniel "Joe" Messenger
Assistant to the Director
Manager Facilities Services
Email: messenger.47@osu.edu
Phone: 330-263-3915
Anthony Smith
Skilled Trades Building Maintenance
Email: smith.8482@osu.edu
Phone: 330-263-3915
Jeff Imhoff
Manages processes.
Email: imhoff.1@osu.edu
Phone: 330-263-3915
Doug Peyton
Heat and Chiller Plant
Email: peyton.3@osu.edu
Phone: 330-263-3602
Jeff Strouse
Skilled Trades Building Mainteance - ATI and Housing
Email: strouse.17@osu.edu
Phone: 330-287-1362
Sarah Everhart
Custodial Services
Email: everhart.135@osu.edu
Phone: 330-263-3915
Martha Bollinger
Facilities Services Office Management
Email: bollinger.70@osu.edu
Phone: 330-263-3995
Lori Battig
Fleet Maintenance 
Email: battig.6@osu.edu
Phone: 330-263-3918
Paul Starkey
Mail Services and Stores Management
Email: starkey.40@osu.edu
Phone: 330-202-3551
Roger Hamilton
Grounds Maintenance
Email: hamilton.16@osu.edu
Phone: 330-263-3612