Summer Jobs

  • Seasonal Assistant, Secrest Aboretum - assist with various duties in arboretum                R97315
  • Student Assistant, Entomology - collaborate on research projects in Agronomic crops       R96448
  • Student Assistant, Entomology - assist with broad selection of pest management              R96041    
  • Student Assistant, Plant Pathology - performing various administrative duties                    R89103  
  • Student Reseach Aide, Horticulture & Crop - assist vegetable production labortory            R87772
  • Non-OSU Student, Animal Sciences- support program in animal experiments                     R87814
  • Student Assistant, Horticulture & Crop - assist research with harvest, thresh and other..    R85857
  • Student Assistant, School of Environment and Natural Resources - work in soil fertility      R96448